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I would love the opportunity to partner with you in navigating life, culture or making a difference. All of my work - facilitating a LifePlan, speaking at your event or teaching you how to navigate culture on one of my Cultural Immersion for Leaders events - is part of Missional Impact, a nonprofit dedicated to my calling to equip leaders for maximum impact in a culturally complex world. Accordingly, all honorariums or expenses for LifePlan facilitation or travel with me are counted as a donation to Missional Impact for which you receive a year-end contribution record. A portion of every LifePlan or Cultural Immersion event is invested in making similar training available for other leaders around the world who otherwise would not have access to such opportunities. If you would like to partner with us to equip worthy international leaders, a donation would be greatly appreciated. Any contributions can be done with a check made out to Missional Impact, 4607 Norwood CT, Kansas City, MO 64133 or by completing the form below.


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