Cultural Training

I have been called a “Cultural Chameleon” in the context of authentically relating to people in all sorts of cultural environments. My life revolves around learning to understand and communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds – living in four countries, experiencing scores of others, being pastor of a tremendously diverse church with no clear cultural majority and where different languages flow freely. Leaders from churches, the marketplace and the greater community have sought my input in matters of cultural diversity. I don’t claim to be an expert in any particular culture or to have all the answers, but I enjoy consulting with churches about increasing their cultural sensitivity, diversifying their personnel or facing issues of changing demographics in their neighborhoods.  I have also served in community projects to increase cultural sensitivity and consulted with marketplace leaders wanting to understand how to improve communication in a diversified workplace or how to enter global markets with a degree of cultural sensitivity.


Vacations with a Purpose

By far the most effective way I have found to reach deep down into someone's worldview is to go with them to another place in the world. For over 30 years I have been leading people through an "educational vacation" in the cities of Paris and Amsterdam, a fabulously fun trip with a deadly serious purpose. Not your typical "tour," but rather an intentionally smaller group for quality facetime together, generous free time to explore and 12 hours of classroom instruction. This experience has changed attitudes and lives for hundreds of people.

MIssional Impact, a faith-based, educational nonprofit, sponsors this experience. Why Paris and Amsterdam? How much does it cost? How long of a trip is it? What would we be doing? Those are just a few of the questions I would love to answer for you. Just click on the "Learn More" button below and you will be taken to the Missional Impact website to get all the details. 

Missional Impact

Missional Impact is a registered nonprofit organization located in Kansas City, Missouri and dedicated to the mission of equipping leaders for maximum impact in a culturally complex world. Click below to learn more about Missional Impact and how you can both benefit and help me help other leaders.