Jeff Adams
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equipping leaders in a culturally complex world


I have spent decades as an 'exegete' helping people navigate life, culture, and scripture.  Learn more about my work as an exegete and how it can help you find your way.

I'll help you discover your purpose

The discovery and active living of one’s life calling is never accidental. It’s always intentional. Your life is the reality created by a series of choices, decisions, risk-taking, adventures, searches, pursuits, discoveries and surrenders. Successfully living one’s life calling requires confident answers to life’s biggest questions… “Who am I? Why was I born? What defines me and what must I do? Where am I headed and how do I get there?” As a certified Paterson LifePlan facilitator, I can guide you through the process of answering these questions and designing a personalized and actionable plan to focus every area of your life. The Paterson LifePlan is essentially a strategic operating plan for an individual. It is not a plan that is conceived and developed, but rather one that you discover through a series of guided processes, tools and conversations.


I'll help you learn to navigate culture

Culture is a roadmap that guides us through society and a lens through which we view the world. Our shrinking world brings us into contact (and often conflict) with over 5,000 major cultures and many more subgroups, all different from our own. Learning to be sensitive in dealing with people from other cultures is not just a matter of being polite, but of survival! Your family, your community, your relationships and, yes, even your bottom line depend on learning how to navigate culture sensitively. Lay a foundation for this by spending 12 days with me in Paris and Amsterdam on an unforgettable adventure sponsored by Missional Impact!

Next adventure: June 2018 or September 2018

I'll help you make a difference

Making a difference in the world has been driving me since I committed my life to follow Jesus Christ while a student at Wichita State University. My decades of experience in global ministry have placed me in constant demand as an international conference speaker, consultant, coach and trainer, mobilizing leaders from both church and marketplace to invest their lives in the mission of pointing others to God’s love and leaving behind a wake of tangible results. My calling is to equip leaders for maximum impact in a culturally complex world.