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The discovery and active living of one’s life calling is never accidental. It’s always intentional. Your life is the reality created by a series of choices, decisions, risk-taking, adventures, searches, pursuits, discoveries and surrenders. Successfully living one’s life calling requires confident answers to life’s biggest questions… “Who am I? Why was I born? What defines me and what must I do? Where am I headed and how do I get there?” As a certified Paterson LifePlan facilitator, I can guide you through the process of answering these questions and designing a personalized and actionable plan to bring missional focus to every area of your life. The Paterson LifePlan is essentially a strategic operating plan for an individual. It is not a plan that is conceived and developed, but rather one that is discovered through a series of guided processes, tools and conversations.


LifePlan Facilitation

The Process

The LifePlan process guides you through a two-day, one-on-one journey with me, completing a series of sequential exercises or modules intended to help you discover your uniqueness. It guides you to manage your life as a whole entity, not a collection of parts. Each step logically and systematically builds on the next, taking into account the most important areas of your life such as personal, family, vocation, faith, and community.

  1. Perspective: Where am I now?
  2. Planning: What's important now?
  3. Management: How am I doing?
  4. Renewal: What must change?

The Benefits

As you begin to work your plan, the LifePlan process becomes the planning and management system through which all domains in your life stay seamlessly aligned. You will:

  • Gain clarity and self-discovery from multi-dimensional perspective tools.
  • Discover the truth of existing and emerging realities.
  • Encourage creativity and surface new ideas.
  • Clarify your vision and contribution in life.
  • Enjoy freedom as you surrender to the strategy and plan.
  • Experience momentum as you bring every aspect of your life into alignment.
  • Establish accountability through personal ownership and responsibility.
  • Focus on what’s important now, increasing performance and minimizing wasted effort.


       Follow Up Coaching

After crafting your plan, it’s time to execute. Plans don’t self-execute. The execution phase is one of the most important and more difficult phases of Life Planning. Clients who have the help and encouragement of a coach are much more likely to reach their goals and attain sustained success. That is why I include 3 follow-up coaching sessions with every LifePlan. During your coaching sessions, I will help you evaluate progress using a set of strategies and tools designed to help you on your journey. Part mentor, part cheerleader, part facilitator, I will be there to help you implement your plan.


 Brian Herzog

Brian Herzog

 Rubén Bonilla

Rubén Bonilla

Before my LifePlan I experienced a growth plateau and was confused about my direction. During our session, Jeff worked with me to shatter my ceiling and for the first time in years I am experiencing renewed growth. I have never had anyone give me his undivided attention and focus as Jeff did during our two days together. This, coming from a man with Jeff’s vocational and personal achievement, was humbling and astonishing.   I now have a renewed understanding about who I am and a simple plan to guide me forward. As a result, my confidence, enthusiasm, and excitement about my life direction is at the highest I have experienced in years. I had no idea any of this would happen as a result of my time with Jeff but I am so thankful for it.

Brian Herzog, Manager of Internet Database Team Garmin International


At 55 years of age I knew I was on the right pathway of life, knew who I was and knew my value as a businessman, artist and leader of my family. I knew that for more than 39 years I had never diverted from my adolescent dreams – which gave me great joy and peace. However, the great challenges I so desired were unfinished, because for years I have been lost in the abyss of confusion, trying to understand the restrictions and chains that kept me from reaching my ultimate goal.  
I worried that I no longer had the strength of my 20’s or the abilties of my 40’s, and time continued relentlessly. It was in these circumstances, that when I completed a LifePlan under the direction of Jeff Adams, the entire panorama became clear to me in a matter of two days. I believe they were transcendental days that will be written in the story of my life. Thanks, Jeff, for your patience, wisdom and fresh word that, with all, helped me refocus my vision and challenged me  
The countdown has begun. Thank you.    

Rubén Bonilla, Communications Expert and Award-Winning  Producer of Television Documentaries and other Audio-Visuals

What's Next?

If a LifePlan is something you would like to explore or if you would like more specific information, pricing and answers to any questions, you can contact me directly.